Kochi Yuzu Tasting

  • April 28, 2014

It is with great pleasure to announce that Glamolicious has finally written our FIRST blog today (THIS IS IT!) and we decided to start the ball rolling with the biggest food event we have attended so far in 2014. It is the night where the name “Extreme Foodies” was given to Glamolicious 🙂 So to keep up with the name and our hardwork (eat & drink) over the years, we’ll begin by sharing our experience at the Kochi Yuzu VIP Tasting Event.

Kochi Yuzu Event in Melbourne

Kochi Yuzu Event in Melbourne

We are truly honored to be invited to this exclusive food industry event (we’re considered industry people for the amount of good food we eat… yay!!) This event held at the RACV Club in Melbourne in late February 2014 introduced Yuzu, a Japanese citrus food harvested from Kochi Prefecture in Japan. Guests include renowned chefs, F&B industry leaders & restaurateurs.

Chefs for the Kochi Yuzu Event in Melbourne

Chefs for the Kochi Yuzu Event in Melbourne

The evening kicked off with a delightful Yuzu Sparkling Drink on arrival. After a few formal speeches followed by an introduction to the 4 chefs, namely IronChef Australia & RACV Executive Chef Mark Normoyle, Le Petit Gateau Executive Pastry Chef Pierrick Boyer, Third Wave Cafe Executive Chef Ryo Kitahara & Chef Ikuei Arakane, the tasting began!




We were treated to a big variety of savoury and sweet canapés made using Kochi Yuzu, the most delightful to us was quite a few:

The serving was fast & we didn’t have the chance to take photos of every canapĂ© served, some certainly not at the best angle or quality (so sorry)! We also lost track of who cooked what.. it was all super delicious anyway!

Alongside Yuzu, Kochi Prefecture also presented its high quality eel,sake and other liquer. We tasted yuzu yoghurt liquer & yuzu jelly, both we will pray hard to see them in stores soon!

Kochi Yuzu - Foodie Roslyn Foo with Musician Noriko Tadano

Kochi Yuzu – Foodie Roslyn Foo with Musician Noriko Tadano

The evening ended with a spectacular performance by Japanese musician Noriko Tadano, live traditional Japanese painting & a surprising Foot Bath – yes, we took off our shoes & socks right in the middle of the event & soak our tired feet in pampering hot tubs! How amazing, even IronChef Mark Normoyle couldn’t give it a miss!

Kochi Yuzu - IronChef Mark Normoyle Enjoying Foot Bath

Kochi Yuzu – IronChef Mark Normoyle Enjoying Foot Bath

We brought home some goodies bag with something very delightful – a bottle of Yuzu concentrate. It was so flavoursome, we mixed it in cocktails (Tonic water, honey, Choya Plum Wine and Yuzu concentrate to be exact!) and also made them into delicious icy pops! (can’t believe we did that wonder!) Thank you to the organizers and congratulations to Jun Hasegawa for such an incredible event, we look forward to see more Kochi Prefecture’s produce in Australia in the coming months.



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