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  • September 5, 2014

Brownie Passion Cake by Le Petit Gateau

Brownie Passion Cake by Le Petit Gateau for Roslyn’s Birthday 2010

Jogging our memory to 4 years ago, we bought Ros’s first Melbourne birthday cake from Le Petit Gateau as recommended by a friend. It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! The glossy layer of dark chocolate resembles a piano, the sleek and modern square cake was finished with a the little orange square on top & dark chocolate curls – simply stunning. You can see the beautiful layers of the cake from its sides and that’s when you just CAN’T wait to eat it! Within the glossy dark chocolate layer hides the most delicious chocolate mousse, brownie base, crunchy praline and a thin layer of passionfruit custard. The results? Daniel who is not a sweet or chocolate fan, fell in love with it, we both have 2nd servings on the birthday night and had it again for breakfast the next day!

Baileys Dark Hot Chocolate & Quiche Lorraine at Le Petit Gateau

Baileys Dark Hot Chocolate & Quiche Lorraine at Le Petit Gateau

We dated a girlfriend to visit Le Petit Gateau. Whilst sitting at the “bar area” that looks right into the open space buzzing kitchen, enjoying every mouthful of cakes, warming up with the wicked Baileys dark hot chocolate, entertained by the amazing kitchen staff who often look up with a smile, my friend decided to ask about their wedding cakes. So here comes a charming & friendly chef with an European accent which we later found out that he’s French! That was our first encounter with the Executive Pastry Chef Pierrick Boyer, the genius behind Le Petit Gateau.

Over the years, Le Petit Gateau has become the 2nd place we visit the most in Melbourne (1st is our home!). We have enjoyed too many cakes, tarts and macarons from Le Petit Gateau & the same goes to all our close friends. Our favourites are Mister Green Tea, Hazelnut Millefeuille, Brownie Passion, Lemon Tart and the Salted Caramel macarons!

Pear Tart by Le Petit Gateau

Pear Tart by Le Petit Gateau

Danishes at Le Petit Gateau

Danishes at Le Danishes at Le Petit GateauPetit Gateau








This following photos showcase just some of the birthday cakes we had for us and our good friends over the years.

The next photo gallery shows some of the delicious creations at Le Petit Gateau, led by the Executive Pastry Chef Pierrick Boyer. Note: Some are seasonal, some are exclusive & most can be found everyday at Le Petit Gateau – just make sure you’re early, and no, they are not open in the evenings or on weekends. For more information, visit their website and follow them on Facebook! Oh and do vote for them on Urbanspoon too!

Here are some sneaky peeks into the bustling LPG Kitchen!

We were very excited to be invited to celebrate Le Petit Gateau’s 6th Birthday Party last year, what a privilege & honour for two humble foodies! We thank everyone at Le Petit Gateau for such amazing experiences over the years with many more to come!

Glamolicious Foodies at Le Petit Gateau

Happy 6th Birthday to Le Petit Gateau by Glamolicious & Glamorazzi

Glamorazzi, Glamolicious & Pierrick Boyer

Glamorazzi, Glamolicious & Pierrick Boyer

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