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Welcome to Glamorazzi, a lifestyle media and purpose-driven marketing agency headquartered in the vibrant city of Melbourne. Founded by the visionary Roslyn Foo, our mission is to be the authentic voice of the experiences that shape our lives. We are a collective of passionate lifestyle enthusiasts who believe in sharing the joy and happiness we find in the realms of food and wine, travel, fitness and wellness, arts and culture, events and entertainment, leisure, fashion, and so much more.

At Glamorazzi, we go beyond surface-level coverage. Our objective is to delve deeper into the why, the history, the vision, and the creators behind the experiences we share. We are driven by meanings and lived experiences, not fleeting trends. We are excited to highlight those who are making bold moves, shaking up industries, and crafting experiences that are truly memorable and potentially life-changing.

Our purpose extends beyond sharing captivating stories; we aspire to create ripple effects. We aim to showcase brands, both big and small, that are making a positive impact in this beautiful world we call home. Our reward lies solely in our mission to spread joy and happiness to as many people as possible through our own experiences. We write only about what we genuinely appreciate, whether we’re invited or self-funded, and proudly endorse brands, products, events, and individuals that embody excellence.

Roslyn, our founder, is actively living her best life in Melbourne, constantly exploring the vibrant city she calls home. Throughout the year, she travels across Australia, visits her home country of Malaysia at least once annually, and jet sets to other parts of the world whenever the opportunity arises. As the creative producer at Glamorazzi and the chief editor of our lifestyle media, Roslyn believes that the essence of life lies in the joy of living it. Together with our collective of talented content creators, we are excited to embark on extraordinary experiences and share them with you.

Join us in our vibrant community on Instagram, where we actively connect with the world. Expect to discover meaningful events, delectable food, tantalizing cocktails, captivating venues, sustainable products, and life-changing practices. From large-scale festivals to emerging startups and hidden gems, we hope to be your trusted source for uncovering the extraordinary. Together, let’s explore and celebrate the moments that bring us true happiness.

Since 2004, Glamorazzi has been dedicated to discovering happiness. It is our tagline, our guiding principle, and our commitment to you. We look forward to sharing our journey with you and seeing you around town.

Yours with Joy,

Roslyn Foo & Co.

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