Joie – Vegetarian Fine Dining Restaurant, Singapore

A Fusion Vegetarian Fine Dining Affair

Nestled atop Orchard Central, is a culinary gem that left us pleasantly surprised. This modern, indoor-outdoor rooftop restaurant specializes in adventurous vegetarian fine dining in the heart of Singapore city, embracing a European and Taiwanese dining trend that focuses on innovative natural fare crafted from fresh produce. The name “Joie,” pronounced as ‘joy,’ perfectly encapsulates the joyous culinary journey that awaits diners.

Vegetarian Food Art

One cannot help but appreciate the delightful presentation of every dish at Joie. The culinary team’s dedication to creativity and the use of uncommon ingredients shine through in their six-course lunch and seven-course dinner offerings. The dishes, infused with Japanese-European sensibilities and flavours, challenge any preconceived notions about meatless cuisine with their refined and original creations.

Tranquil Rooftop Garden on Orchard Road

The restaurant’s setting, surrounded by Orchard Central’s tranquil rooftop garden, provides a respite from the bustling Orchard shopping district. The sweeping views of Somerset and Orchard Road add to the overall charm.

Upon entering, the luminous dining room, bathed in natural light, sets the stage for a sophisticated dining experience. The contemporary chic ambiance, with its bronze light fixtures and grey tiled floor, exudes an inviting atmosphere. Guests can choose to seat themselves on plush leather-quilted banquettes, luxurious velvet armchairs, or in one of the five private rooms that accommodate four to sixteen people, all without any additional cost.

The 5-course Vegetarian Fine Dinner

For our dinner, we opted for the 5-course menu, and each course was a culinary adventure in itself:

The Vegetarian Starter

A Chef’s Selection of Assorted Platter, was a delightful array refreshing flavours textures that set the tone for the evening.

The Vegetarian Side Dish

Featuring Baby Root Vegetable Garden, Gratinated Champignon, Bailing Mushroom on Paper Hot Pot, and Charcoal Coated Tempura Platter, was a playful medley of root vegetables and mushroom-centric dishes.

The Vegetarian Cold Dish

Vegetable Sashimi on Ice with Oyster-Leaf Shooter Glass, showcased creativity in presenting coconut, konjac, huai san (Chinese herb), and aloe vera as sashimi, paired with an intriguing oyster leaf tabasco shooter. And yes, the leaf tasted like a real oyster, we had this in Australia previously.

The Vegetarian Soups

We had the Infusion of Cepes and Truffle, Japanese Kombu Broth with Hand Carved Tofu, and Clear Tomato Soup with Garbanzo, all displayed a rich diversity of flavors, demonstrating the culinary team’s skill in crafting complex broths.

The Vegetarian Mains

Lime Tofu Emulsion (pan-seared homemade tofu with herb emulsion and spinach riso), Truffle Risotto with Japanese Croquette, and Grilled Summer Mushroom Steak on “Pu-Ye” Hot Stone (they used monkey head mushroom and served with truffle mash potato), continued to impress with their innovative use of ingredients and harmonious flavour combinations.

The Vegetarian Dessert

Gastronomic Chocolate and Red Wine Poach Pear with Lime Sorbet, was a fittingly indulgent conclusion to a remarkable meal.

Highly Recommended Vegetarian Fine Dining Experience in Singapore

While the culinary experience at Joie was nothing short of exceptional, it’s worth noting that the service, though competent, fell short of the high bar set by the cuisine. However, the overall experience was still memorable, and we wholeheartedly recommend Joie to anyone seeking a unique and delightful vegetarian dining experience. Note: Menu changes, seasonally. Check JOIE RESTARAUNT website for current menu and offerings.

Roslyn Foo

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