Musang King Durian Mooncake by Duria

Musang King Snowy Skin Mooncake - 4 flavours

Duria Musang King Snowy Skin Mooncake – 4 Flavours

Are you a durian AND mooncake lover?
Or a Musang King fanatic like us?

If you love mooncake and durian, then this is an important subject for you:
This is no ordinary mooncake, this is also no ordinary durian.
This DIVINE dessert is the king of the king of fruits a.k.a. Musang King Durian, magically crafted into a festival treat!

Musang King Mooncake - Lava
Duria Musang King Lava Mooncake

Duria Brings Exotic & Festive Foodie Experience to Australia

Discover the Lava & Snowy Skin Mooncake. #very bite guarantees a burst of the most spectacular durian flavour on earth.

Disclaimer: Duria is not a typo, it’s simply “durian without an end (N)”.

My favourite from this series is the Original Snowy Skin. I know durian lovers will agree that we do not need any other flavours intervention (I’m sure the Coffee, Mango & Vanilla will attract other fans). Just handover the thickest and creamiest Musang King, and our lives will be perfect.

Musang King Mooncake - Mango & Vanilla Snowy Skin
Musang King Snowy Skin Mooncake – Mango and Vanilla Flavours

The experience is beyond words so I’ve filmed it for you to see it’s deliciousness. Ps: I wish we have the technology to publish the smell too!

2nd half of this video is FUNNY as I introduce this heavenly dessert to the Fijian-Italian Francesca McMillan (Mrs Universe Australia) Kiwi-Aussie family. Leave us a comment if we have made you laughed!

It’s the McMILLANS vs DURIAN! Question is…

Will 6-year-old Eliana McMillan like Musang King Mooncake? 💥🤣💛


Mooncake or Mid-Autumn Festival Gifting in Australia – Give the Gift of Durian

I love the luxury look and feel of the packaging. Hats off to Duria for producing such high-quality gifting products! Surprise your family & friends this Mid-Autumn Festival a.k.a. Mooncake Festival with Musang King Mooncakes.

This limited-edition mooncake series has launched all across Australia. Order yours now before it’s sold out! Now go on, tell your friends.

The Premium Musang King Mooncake
Musang King THE PREMIUM Mooncake by Duria

Available until 15th Sep 2019 or while stock lasts!

For more durian goodness all year round, visit

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