Adelaide’s Modern Asian Brunch – Bai Long Store

Bai Long Store, Adelaide - Brunch
Breakfast or Brunch at Bai Long Store, Adelaide

Adelaide’s Next Level Food Scene

Recent trips to the city of churches have been more about good food than good wines.

I was on a mission to explore some latest brunching spots that are kids-friendly with renowned Chinese foodie, Eric Ho, who has been hosting his Oh Rice Foodie lifestyle show for several years.

It didn’t take long for delicious news to reach us – Bai Long Store has started serving brunch on the weekends.

The Modern Asian Brunch

Hosts Roslyn Foo and Oh Rice Foodie at Bai Long Store
Hosts Oh Rice Foodie (left) and Roslyn Foo (right) at Bai Long Store, Adelaide

The spacious, bright and airy cafe was very welcoming. There is a sense of minimalism in this space which I adore. One look at the menu, we just wanted EVERYTHING – and we almost did!


Bai Long Store, Adelaide - Chicken Congee
Chicken Congee

Congee is a dish deeply rooted in our upbringing. As Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese, we can enjoy a good bowl of hot congee anytime, anywhere. Seeing the Chicken Congee on the menu is like reuniting with the ultimate comfort food for us and it was delicious!

Bai Long Store, Adelaide - Pumpkin Congee
Pumpkin Congee

The Pumpkin Congee is like a bowl of superfood – I do hope this westernised creation can help the locals fall in love with congees.

Noodle, Don’t Noodle?

I recommend that you do noodle. Yes, do it. If you care about great ramen, you will look beyond the noodles and the soup. The Bai Long Ramen ticked all the “good ramen” boxes. The Char Siu and Soy Egg were very well-flavoured.

The Soba Avo is an interesting dish. The buckwheat noodle with peanut wasabi dressing was served with crunchy tempura tofu cubes and a perfectly poached egg. This is a great dish to enjoy if you’re vegan or gluten-free.


Bai Long Store, Adelaide - Aburi Salmon Bowl
Aburi Salmon Bowl
Bai Long Store, Adelaide - Curry Chicken Bowl
Curry Chicken Bowl

We had the Aburi Salmon Bowl and the Curry Chicken Bowl. As a Malaysian, I’ll always prefer the spicy aromatic style of curry. But the group’s verdict was both bowls were equally delicious!

Desserts Heaven

Bai Long Store, Adelaide - Dessert - Mini Garden
Dessert – Mini Garden

The Noble Yuzu dessert I tasted at the Dining for Charity by Bai Long fundraising dinner in Oct 2018 was unforgettable. You can guess I was a little too excited to get to the sweet ending of this brunch feast! As everything sounded too good on the dessert menu, the staff had to help us decide which two to share. Yes, I’m counting my calories at this stage!

The Mini Garden was too pretty to eat! We passed the glass through several hands as everyone attempted to capture that “Insta-worthy” shot. The Vietnamese coffee mousse mixed with passionfruit curd was sensational. I wished I didn’t have to share!

Bai Long Store - Dessert - Ruby Parfait
Dessert – Ruby Parfait

The Ruby Parfait was our finale and it made a big hit with the kids! The meringue stick, pistachio praline and blue cheese milk crumb added interesting textures, flavours and visual excitement

The Bai Long Store Brunch

Bai Long Store Brunch Facebook Live by Glamorazzi, Featuring Roslyn Foo & Oh Rice Foodie
Bai Long Store Brunch Facebook Live by Hosts Roslyn Foo & Oh Rice Foodie

We decided on the spot that we should do a Facebook Live to share the amazing modern Asian brunch experience, click here to watch the replay.

Bai Long Store (80 Hutt Street, Adelaide, SA 5000) is open for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays only. For more info, visit their website and follow them on Instagram, tap below!

Let us know if you’ve enjoyed your brunch at Bai Long too, leave a comment on our post below 🙂

All photos credit to Glamorazzi photographer & contributor, Gavin McMillan. Check out Gavin’s previous Adelaide restaurant review!

Roslyn Foo

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