Serenity At Buderim Forest Park

When I first started taking my photography more seriously, I knew I wanted to shoot beautiful images of rainforests and waterfalls. A couple of years back, I purchased my first set of neutral density filters with the hope of achieving textured water as it cascade over rocks. My early attempts were certainly an improvement on just a ‘point and shoot’, but with trail and error, I was driven to push my creativity further. Soon, I realised that there was a lot more than just turning up at a location, set up the camera and press the shutter!

Serenity At Buderim Forest Park

Serenity Photography At Buderim Forest Park

We had been on the road for a few weeks as a family, taking a holiday up the east coast of Australia towards the Sunshine Coast. I was keen to continue seeking out rainforests and waterfalls, and I did a bit of ‘googling’ around places on the Coast. Having visited the Coast many times, I wanted to find somewhere we hadn’t been before. In my search results, was Buderim Forest Park.

Staying Noosa, it was around 30 minutes south and with the sun rising much earlier than Melbourne, I knew it would be an early start if I had any chance of capturing some great images. The first few weeks the weather was beautiful, blue skies and warm, but the forecast for the following Monday looked great – overcast, cloudy.

Buderim Forest Park

Buderim Forest Park has two entrances, one close to Serenity Falls

Buderim Forest Park has two entrances, one close to Serenity Falls (300m from the car park) in Quorn Close; and the lower entrance off Lindsay Road via Harry’s Lane (1.3km from the car park). Both have their own advantages, depending on your experience, fitness level and time. It’s important to note, the shorter entry (Quorn Close) to the Falls, has many steps and is steep – certainly don’t attempt in significantly wet weather.

Taking the Harry’s Lane entrance, you stroll through the forest, along the raised boardwalk, takes you across the Martin Creek towards a palm grove at the base of the rainforest. It’s a beautiful walk, with the sounds of the creek, birds and as I read once, the rainforest is truly a place to chill. The boardwalk will take you about half the way, before it becomes a track along the creek (not suitable for prams/wheelchairs). To reach the Falls, you will need to cross the creek along the rocks which again for most of the year is probably fine, but not during significant rain.

Serenity Falls a true gem of the Sunshine Coast

Serenity Falls a true gem of the Sunshine Coast

It is along this part, where you truly appreciate the beauty and tranquility. Being alone with your thoughts – watching the creek slowly meander passed, the fresh, crisp air and being in awe, of how lucky we are to be here.

Serenity Falls themselves drop around 30m into a pool, before cascading again several times over rocks into Martin Creek. With care, and when not in full flow, you can move close to them, to experience a waterfall behind. If you haven’t done this before, this is a safe place to do so and gives you a different angle to sit, watch and chill.

This unspoiled native rainforest is surrounded by private residences, and is a true gem of the Sunshine Coast. The locals are lucky to have this at their doorstep, so let’s preserve it for everyone – respect the environment, take your rubbish home and leave only your footprints.

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